Two best friends living two hours away from each other, battling their own issues, on a journey to support each other to get skinnier, healthier and in better shape!


So I don’t have a title for today’s post because I wasn’t even planning on posting. But I felt the need to get this off my chest … Lately I have been using and so far I really like it. It breaks down all my nutrition in take, into a daily average (you’ll have to click the pictures to see it bigger) and shows how much of the Recommended Daily Allowance Percentage I’ve hit. I like this. I also like that it shows you how many calories you consume vs. how many you burn. (picture #2) as well as your daily intake of Fat, Carbs & Protein. And since I know what each percentage should be at/between its nice to see what I’m eating too much/little of; daily intake of Carbs should be 45-65% of your diet, Protein 10-35% and Fat 20-35% while AHA recommends <30%. *I am not a specialist in this or any field, do not take my word for gold. I don’t know everything. This is my disclaimer* Now what I DO NOT like that most websites have is that stupid $(%@#$&%@*$#%($%  (<—thats me swearing) BMI calculator. As of right now, for my last recorded weight when I started this account, I am overweight. (Pic #3) by .5 or technically it’s .6 because I have to be below 25… 3.1lbs. (AWESOME.)

This is where my whole frustration comes in. Now despite what people STILL keep saying to me … I DO NOT think that I am FAT. I am out of shape, yes, not completely toned, yes, fat/overweight no! I do not think this website takes into consideration height seriously, because it say the range for my height is 114-154# if I lost over 40# to get down to 114 do you know how unhealthy I would look?! I used to weight 135# (yes I did think I was fat, I was naive, immature, stupid and just plain dumb) and I look unhealthy at that weight because I had no muscle tone and you could see my hip bones…bad. Anyways back to the point, when I first read that that scale said I was “overweight” I got really insecure and upset with myself. But then I remembered what my weight training teacher told us that BMI is good for large groups, but not a good system for the individual. Because it doesn’t take into account muscle mass. So here I was for .2 seconds freaking out thinking ‘ohmygoodness I’m regressing! I’m not making any progress It doesn’t matter that I am eating healthier and trying to work out more regularly I’m still overweight. HOOOOOLD IT LADY.’ (*that’s what I said in my head.*) I calmed myself down and realized that it was BMI talking, not me. I for the most part love how I look. Yes I wouldn’t mind toning up more, but I am not in the business of losing weight or being stick thin. Also even if I am “overweight” its by .5 POINT FIVE its not like Im 27 or 28 on the scale. I am literally 3lbs “overweight” but since muscle “weighs” more than fat, or in reality it takes up less space than fat, I am okay with being “overweight” by the BMI scale. Because I would rather be toned and have muscle and rank overweight on the BMI scale than be flabby, and un-toned and rank “heathly” on their dumb scale. Granted I could probably get down to 154# and still be healthy, in shape, toned etc, but I don’t really care about that I guess. I am upset that this system that EVERYONE has access to isn’t the best one people could be using to see if they are overweight or in the healthy zone. And I am mad because I let it get to me, for a second I really believed that I was overweight, whether or not in the back of my mind I know that’s untrue I still beat myself up.

I can’t imagine what other girls must experience, girls with actual problems, like anorexia or bulimia. It must be very hard for them, everyday. I have low self esteem but at least I know that I’m not fat or overweight. Yes there are people out there who don’t like me or some of my boyfriends family members don’t like me, but that’s my personality not my body that they don’t like. I could never hurt the one thing that’s keeping me living, besides God, just because a girl in my weight training class didn’t want to be friends outside of the class. I am glad we have people like Demi Lavato to look up too, she was upfront and honest with her problems to us, and I respect her so much for that. She is truly a great inspiration on what a beautiful woman can look like and not have to be stick thin. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Eva Mendez this women are beautiful and NOT STICK thin. I don’t want to be stick thin, I just want to be me, the best me that I can be. Even if that means by the BMI scale I rank overweight because I have muscle mass and am toned versus being stick thin.

If you didn’t see the photo from our Trip to Ea Wa I’ll post it again, and some other bikini shots from this summer and you can judge for yourself if I am “overweight” I don’t think so, if you do keep it to yourself.

*I eat more when I don’t exercise, crazy how that works* 


Yup yup. BMI CAN SUCK IT. :)

Anyways thanks for letting me VENNNNT. I needed it. Now time to do Psyc test, Math HW and then relax until Max gets home. 

**And even if I am overweight, it’s all in my ass & thighs, which I ain’t losing, I love my bootyyy & leggers** 


Amber Dawn 

Truth time from Amber!

So it’s been a while since I have actually blog - blogged. And I read this article/blog that I found about how to make your blog “successful” and so naturally I was intrigued. Well the secret was to make it YOU. Make it how YOU want it, type how you type, write what you want to write, people will either read it or they won’t but at least you are being true to yourself and doing what makes you happy. Not everyone else. Here I was all worried that it was more fitness related, or more healthy or whatever…when really this blog isn’t mainly about that. It is about Stephanie and myself’s struggles through weight loss, getting in better shape & eating healthier. *Weight loss is a general statement, not for me, I don’t want to lose like I have said before, I want to tone.* 

That being said I feel much more confident to blog about whatever I want and not be  strictly on a fitness only blog diet if you will. Either people are going to read what we blog about or they won’t and in the end I’m not sure if I care anymore. 

So now onto the important part of why I am blogging…I would like to thank every person who has supported me from Day 1 to get healthier and work out more. Been there through my depression watched me sleep my days away because this last fall and winter were very rough for me. It takes a friend to be there at the beginning, but it takes an even greater friend to help keep my motivated and encourage me throughout the process especially when I want to give up. And it’s the truest friends who are proud of me, my accomplishments and how far I have come; not the ones who are jealous of me. I used to think that it was if you aren’t going to help me through my trials don’t expect to be there through my successes … well apparently it’s the other way around with working out…and it sucks. I know people get jealous, but really it’s a petty thing and is one of the ugliest things you can wear. I am not judging because I used to get jealous all the time, oh my lord, I couldn’t even stand girls looking at my ex…but now I enjoy it, it lets me know that I have something desirable and I know in the end he’s coming home to me. *My current bf that is, not my ex heheh;)* But enough on that tangent…there’s no need to be jealous when working out, EVERYONE CAN DO IT! I mean aside from those physically disabled, but if you are healthy, can walk, move your limbs and breath on your own, you can work out! And you too can get the body you want. YES I KNOW YOU HAVE AN ARGUMENT FOR WHAT I JUST SAID. Save it please. We all know I am just generalizing here. Here’s a perfect example Stephanie had a baby 4 months ago, and she is already in her pre-pregnancy jeans. HELLO! My point exactly. 

I am pretty sure the biggest thing that has helped besides working out more often; can’t say I go everyday because I definitely don’t but I try; is changed my eating. I try to make my meals, instead of buying them in a can or box. My snacks include fruits and veggies. I have cut out pop, pasta, bread, cheese (for the most part, let’s say I have cut back on cheese lol,) and not by my choice but my bodies I have stopped drinking milk *tear* but I did replace it with soy milk! I don’t tell myself I can’t have this or I can’t have that because I know I will overdo it later. So instead I let myself have some, but less than what I normally would. Like I will let myself have 2 cookies after I make a batch and then tell myself the rest are for Max because they are his favorite and I won’t touch them…unless it’s a couple days later and he hasn’t made the pile smaller then I like to help him out ;)

But really my huge secret has been changing my diet & working out more. Not so much a secret…Yes there still lots I want to tone up…but I am noticing a change within myself and in my body. 

So thank you, if you are reading this and you have been here from day one, or if you haven’t been here for day one but you joined later down the road and have been supporting since, either way thank you for your genuine support! It really means a lot to me! 

Love, Amber :) 

Im doing this so I don’t have to reblog pictures of other girls bodies that I want mine to look like, Ill be able to post pictures myself and other people will be reblogging me :)


Got a jump rope and a scale yesterday… Max and I made our agreement/bet/deal.

Time to get to working out! After I eat breakfast tho. Gotta give my body some energy!(Yes I just woke up a little bit ago, don’t judge, I have a terrible sleep schedule!! Lol)

Im thinking, Special K Original, with half a banana and two strawberries cut up :)

Not sure on the calories, but for starters I’d rather just eat healthy than what I was originally eating/not eating.


So my boyfriend and I made this deal.

Every day I dont do at least 30 mins or more of strength or cardio training I owe him $10.

Every day he doesnt try and be nice to his customers (he works at an auto parts store with retarded and veryy ruddde customers lol) he owes me $10.

Seems legit.

We will see who gets more $$

Its on.

Run For the Fallen.

My friend created this blog, and is going to run a mile for every fallen solider, he has already sent out a mass event on facebook and I agreed to run with him.

This is my motivation to run each day!


10 reasons to get fit in 2012:

1.) For ME.

2.) FLORIDA May 2012!!

3.) Fit in my skinny jeans.

4.) To feel good in a bikini again!

5.) To feel beautiful naked.

6.) To have a healthier lifestyle.

7.) Confidence.

8.) For cheerleading; my uniform & my performance.

9.) To be able to wear my belly ring again with confidence.

10.) To be happier.

#fitspo :)

Time to stop making excuses and time to start working out and eating healthier.

-xo amberrr

Did the stairmaster, 15 mins, and it owned me. Wow. Cant wait to go back tomorrow.

Also did a cartwheel for probably the first time in 3 years… well I shouldn’t say A cartwheel, I did multiple of them, my hands are sore. Lol. And I can almost do the splits again, man I can’t wait to get back into shape like I was in high school. :)

Oooh, gonna do aqua fit (water aerobics) tomorrow afternoon too! Love love love working out. The gym might be my new addiction, especially when cheer season really picks up because I can practice in the class studio, or on the basketball courts! Gonna work my ass off to show everyone who Amber Dawn really is!!


Now time to do dishes and laundry. Intervieeew in the morning

-xo amberrr.

^^so true. I feel better now :) ^^

Whoo-who!! Spent an hour at the gym today!! And I can feel it in my arms!

Apparently Im doing something wrong with my legs because they aren’t that bad…ugh. I did the bicycle on intensity at level 2 for a half hour…but I am thinking about doing this leg press thingy (I clearly dont know what its call hahaha) tomorrow.

But I did the ab machine thingy and put 45lbs on it :D

Plus I did the chest press and bench press.

Yuppp. I am so proud of myself.

It might not be much, but its better than what everyone sitting on their couches is doing!!

Cant wait to go back tomorrow morning. Definitely decided that I want to get a membership!

-xo amberrr

Chores and crunches

Yupp that’s it folks, oh and walking around walmart tonight for grocery shoppin’ when Max gets home. I decided I don’t want to wait until Sunday to start eating healthier…it’s everything in my right now to not go grab top ramen and make a bowl. I keep drinking h2o hoping that I’m just thirsty but considering I just drank 32oz and am still hungry I think I should go make some food…lol. Not that water is bad for me tho :)

Gonna go sweep, vacuum, eat then showerrr.

Already accomplished:

*double the crunches I did yesterday, yes they hurt. lol


*rearranged my closet.

*sifted the litter box.

*emptied the garbage w/ litter.

*emptied the kitchen garbage.

*two loads of laundry.

Mayyybe I will repeat the abs and push ups when I’m done sweeping and vacuuming, or something. I really need to go thru the boxes in my closet and in my grandmas basement annnd in my room at my grandparents and donate-donate-DONATE :) Okayy. BYYYE. Thanks for letting me bore youuu!

I want to be able to do this! :)

-xo amberrr.

A day late;

I’m a day behind in my posting, but that’s okay. Instead of spending yesterday parked on my couch, I went to the movies with my grandma, and then we walked around the mall for like 3 hours. Came home, watched a couple movies as background noise for light house work and played some kinect sports seasons two. Then I did some ab work outs, oh baby were they sore last night, but clearly I didn’t do enough because they aren’t too sore today (gotta add more today!) then I took a nice hot bath :) And without even realizing it when Max got home we, I, spent 2 hours cleaning, and doing laundry while we talked. Now some of you may not think walking around the mall for 3 hours is working out … but for me and how lazy I was it is. And this blog isn’t strictly about ‘working out’ it’s also about getting in better shape, and eating better. Nothing says I can’t get in better shape by doing other things than working out. Which, I think getting off the couch alone is putting me in better shape no??

Anyways I really need to get my sleep sched back in order. Didn’t fall asleep until about 4am again!! And slept til…idk noon-1ish. And that is another thing not working out for me.

Yesterday while I was doing my crunches Bonni decided she was really proud of mama cuz every time I would come up she would reward me with kisses. It was really sweet. It got annoying tho since I was trying to keep going and she wanted to be right over top of me. Lol.

Max and I talked and are going to print out those free passes and useee them :) ((Once I get more printer ink that is)) I’m excited. I dont know if it’s just me, but I really don’t like running outside, or walking outside, especially in the cold…I mean I will do it if I’m walking around at say Zoolights, or with Bonni at the dog park. But there’s just something about running outside that I don’t enjoy…call me weird. But at least I am being honest.

This is my new form of motivational help, plus it will help keep me accountable :) (This picture was from last night, I still need to work out today…)

Anywho; I’m off to go work out and then make some food :) Toodles!

-xo amberrr

Day 2-check!

Well, I should be asleep right now. But I’m not so I figured I would blog. Last night I didn’t get much sleep either because I was coughing all night, and finally fell asleep about 6am, then Max woke me up at 7 to say he was leaving for work, then I finally rolled out of bed about 3pm even tho I was awake off and on since noon.

So Max and I went downstairs and played catch with Bonni, she didn’t really play she just wanted to run, but at least she got some exercise too! Then when we came back up I did Zumba for Kinect and wow, I was … ha, not cute. I have done Zumba before on the Kinect but if I got sore, or my legs would start to burn I would half ass it or just stop completely but today I didn’t let myself. Plus Max was sitting on the couch behind me so I didn’t want to look like a loser. Lol. Afterwards I did a few songs on DC2. There’s a fitness section on there I might try out as well. That’s about all for my working out today, but I still worked out harder than everyone else still sitting on their couches!!

I think I am going to switch it up everyday what I do for exercise/working out. That way I can use different muscles (hopefully) and I won’t get bored as fast.

I found online a 10day pass for me and a friend to LA Fitness that I am thinking about printing out for Max and I trying, as well as a 7 day pass to 24HR Fitness after the 10 day one is up/vice versa! Cheating? Maybe…but that’s over 2 weeks of free gym equipment. Plus then I can decide which gym I want to join.

The eating healthy home front isn’t so easy, at least not right now. Max and I need to go to the store and buy food. Lol. But I made tuna fish sandwiches for us for a snack and only used the serving sizes on the labels for both our sandwiches. Definitely looking forward to healthier snacks/meals tho!!

So tomorrow I am going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1, yes I just went there this is my blog get over it! with my grandma. I am super excited to see it…again. Except no popcorn, or super huge pop for me, probably just going to spend $5 on a huge bottle of water…or maybe I’ll smuggle one in…lol. Then I think we are going shopping, not sure tho.

Now when I say I am out of shape I mean I am out of shape. I am talking aside from work, I barely do anything, well cleaning my apartment…but yeah. When I worked at Hooters I didn’t need to work out because I was at work 5-6 days a week and running around everywhere burned off a lot of calories. But since they shut down and we all got laid off I have become L-A-Z-Y. (This is all very embarrassing for me to admit…) But I don’t want to be that lazy person anymore. I wasn’t this lazy in high school, but then again I played 3 sports, and was a fire fighter, plus had TONS of energy which I burned off in school…so things are going to change. Instead of asking Max to do something or get me something while he’s up, I have been trying to do it. As well as not just sleeping all day and then sitting on the couch. I just got another job where I am going to be babysitting/nannying from 5am-9am so I am hoping that will get my sleep sched back in some order, and I will be moving more. I was in such a slump that taking Bonni out to go pee was an inconvenience for me…uhm yes I know. Fricken lazy, and retarded, I am so ashamed of myself. But times are going to change…I will get out of this rut I am. And even tho I am sore I feel so much better these last two days than I have in months!!

Now the one thing getting in my way is me expecting IMMEDIATE results. It’s not going to happen and I found a picture quote that has really helped me today, and I just keep reminding myself, give it 12 weeks. So I made a deal with myself, I am going to work out/ do some sort of not normal exercise (dancing, kinect, cheerleading, etc) everyday for the next 12 weeks. And if I don’t see or feel some sort of difference in my body, then I can quit. But if I even see the slightest change, or my skinny clothes start to fit better by a millimeter well then shoot I’ll keep going!!

Well Im going to add some photos that I enjoy, I hope you (whoever you are that reads this) do too! Thanks for your support!!

-xo amberrr



Night :)